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Last Updated on 15 September 2014

Kitchen Remodeling Andover MN

Old School to New School: Kitchen Renovations Andover MN

Kitchen Remodel Andover MNA kitchen renovation can refresh both you and your family! This area is where many families gather to plan their day and spend time together, so an investment in a kitchen renovation could easily provide enjoyment for everyone. Enjoy modern efficiency by making changes to your Andover, MN home but don’t leave this important job to just anyone—rely on the experienced remodelers at New Creations Remodeling. Say goodbye to those outdated cabinets and appliance dinosaurs. Create a functional, spacious area and you will appreciate the investment for years to come. Trade in those old school fixtures for custom room designs.

Hidden Appliances

A few decades ago, hiding appliances behind cabinet doors was the thing to do. Today, this is less popular and can make a kitchen look outdated. Stop hiding the appliances! Upgrade to machines that blend in to the surroundings in a more natural way. Pull out drawers are the trend now. With New Creations Remodeling services, you will get suggestions on which appliances will work best in your space.

Goodbye Kitchen Desk

Back in the 80’s when Laura Ashley was wreaking havoc on bedrooms, Andover MN homeowners were adding desks in the kitchen. The kitchen “desk” was where the phone was located, all the junk drawers were stashed, but people never actually used them as a “desk”. Now homeowners prefer to keep the desk in the home office and not in the kitchen. Our experienced remodelers have some great suggestions for this old space in your kitchen.

Mini Microwaves

Back in the day, homeowners kept the microwave on the kitchen counter. It was convenient to use but this trend took up a lot of usable space. Today, modern kitchens are equipped with under the counter microwave drawers or overhead microwaves. Now that’s modern efficiency.

Hanging Pot Racks

We saw them in our favorite movies but did they really belong in our kitchens? Well, not really. Unless your kitchen is a makeshift restaurant. Say goodbye to this design feature because a hanging pot rack distracts and takes away from the open design plans of the modern kitchen.

Let us help you take your custom room designs from planning to perfectly implemented! Contact us today via the contact us form on our website or call us at (763) 302-9129.

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