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Kitchen Remodeling Contractor Ham Lake MN

Ask a Professional Kitchen Remodeling Contractor Ham Lake MN

Kitchen Remodel MNWhen planning an extensive remodel for your Ham Lake, MN home, calling together a few friends for help isn’t always a great game plan. Remodeling a kitchen isn’t as simple as having a painting party. It’s better to leave major renovation jobs up to licensed home remodeling contractors–not that you couldn’t do it, but why would you want to? The New Creations Home Remodeling team is your neighborhood kitchen renovation experts. Looking for ideas on how to transform a component or two in your kitchen?

More space, please! Open floor plans and wide-open work areas are exactly what many of our customers want. No more hiding in the kitchen away from company—give them a cooking show-worthy performance with plenty of room for people to help prep or simply watch you work. Our reliable contractors are experts at finding hidden space for homeowners.

Countertops, and plenty of them. Countertops are another great component of an amazing kitchen. Our kitchen renovation experts can give you plenty of ideas on countertop materials and where to find new counter spaces. Home chefs want plenty of room for working and hanging out with friends.

Make the kitchen a communication station. Everyone is going to the kitchen at least a few times a day. Make the kitchen a communication station with a bulletin board, cork board and mail holding area.

Invest in a kitchen island. Islands aren’t just extra counter space. Put a sink on an island and use it as a food prep station. Opt for a cooktop on your island and you can cook while socializing with friends and family. Some islands are stationary while others roll away when you don’t need them.

Whatever you can dream up, the licensed home remodeling contractors at New Creations Home Remodeling can make those dreams a reality. Don’t take a chance, hire reliable contractors with a proven track record of success.

Contact us today by accessing the handy contact form on our website or call us at (763) 302-9129. Take a look at our online photo gallery of recent kitchen remodels for inspiration and ideas. Our reliable contractors can easily take you from start to finish.

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